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Name Age Country Problem
Problem 1 N.P 17 France How long, is a train of length L1=450m going to travel a bridge of length L2=150 m? The speed of the train is 72 km/h.
Problem 2 N.P 17 France A line of automobiles of length L=0,7 km moves with a speed of V1=54 km/h. The first motorcycle of the line decides to go to join the tail of the column then, returns immediately at the head of the line. Knowing that during this round trip, the speed of the motorcycle V2=30 m/s remained constant. How long, the motorcycle is going to make this round trip?
Problem 3 N.P 17 France During the first half of the lenght of the route, a car moves at a speed V1=75 km/h. During the second half of the lenght of the route, this car moves at a speed V2=50 km/h. What is the average speed of the car?

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